The Power of Oneness
Whenever you come to
please bring a handfull of soil and a little water from your country or from any place that is special for you.
We will nourish a tree with water and soil from different corners of the world as a living symbol of unity.
Each one of us is special. If we bring our energies and consciousness together can we create a world even more special? To experience oneness is to experience love for all our fellow beings and the world around us. The power of love is the highest source we have. The challenge in human life is to become a channel for that force so that we are led out of our limited desires, ego and selfishness.

Guided by this goal, Aurovalley, is establishing THE WORLD TEMPLE, symbolizing the unison of the spirit of mankind.

Drawing together in the Power of Oneness, THE WORLD TEMPLE - Phase I was inaugurated on the December 12, 2012, which brought into one flow, waters from around the world along with soil from different corners of the earth as a symbol of the unity it stands for.

THE WORLD TEMPLE - Phase II will translate this symbolism into an educational project towards a new consciousness; an experiment in research and education to benefit the earth and all of mankind; facilitating processes in which every being will manifest the divine and will realise their highest evolutionary potential.

Your contribution and support are welcome.